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Fresh Has a New Meaning

Welcome To Zatar Café & Bistro

Taste the difference in Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern cuisine. Fresh ingredients you can taste in every bite; Food made to Order. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience and delicious food. Come in and give us a try.

Everything is made to order, fresh everyday.

We Deliver.

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Zatar Bushwick

1294 Myrtle Ave


Zatar Park Slope

1201 8th Ave


Our Reviews

  • Adnan K. Avatar

    5 star rating This has become my go-to place for munchies, family meals, and middle-of-the-day-get away from Brooklyn noise on a usually quiet street-coffee breaks. The Kabizza flatbread, shawarma, dijaj, and crispy kebab sandwiches are all great. Don't forget the Harissa sauce on your sandwiches or on the side. Am looking forward to... read more

    Adnan K. 12/31/2019
    Miranda R. Avatar

    3 star rating This was a relaxed local place. Good for coffee but I would not come back for dinner. Very fast casual with the feel of a restaurant. I would have also liked to see the kitchen since it's in the dining room but covered by a curtain.

    Miranda R. 11/23/2019
    Lloyda F. Avatar

    5 star rating This was a very happy discovery while visiting NY. Food was authentic and delicious. I ordered the shakshusa and it was spectacular. The pita was homemade & made the perfect vehicle for sopping up the juices. I will definitely return when visiting again

    Lloyda F. 9/12/2019
  • Angela G. Avatar

    4 star rating Yummy double-fried fries for after you've (or during) had a drink next door at Bushwick Public House!

    Angela G. 5/01/2019
    Bea H. Avatar

    4 star rating I live a block away and it's really got good food, I felt super bad forgetting to tip 20%. It took a bit more time for my food to arrive and during that you see hipsters hanging, so watch out if you can't handle the mean ones. Yeah. The stars... read more

    Bea H. 12/17/2019
    Samsul A. Avatar

    Food is good but their delivery time is horrible. I ordered food at 1:57 PM through Seamless and its now 3:56 PM and the food is still not here. Called the restaurant twice and they keep telling me its out for delivery. Why bother ordering food from there if they... read more

    Samsul A. 2/25/2018
  • Jerry V. Avatar

    3 star rating The falafal was goid, but the wait was 30 minutes for the sandwich... Wayyyyyyyyyy to long for the way it looked

    Jerry V. 3/15/2019
    Chris W. Avatar

    4 star rating It is not easy to review a place where all you have is one chicken kabab platter for lunch. I'll have to return and try the other plates. Terrific space and great location (for me). The chicken was very good. I'd say spices were more impressive than the quality of... read more

    Chris W. 9/06/2019
    Brittany B. Avatar

    5 star rating The food here is so good and very reasonably priced. I got the shwarma and my friend got the halloumi sandwich from the brunch menu. The girl working was also really nice and helpful.

    Brittany B. 2/04/2019
  • Natasha B. Avatar

    4 star rating Food is really good! I am not sure if many knew this but it's byob! However they didn't have a corkscrew and it took us a good 10mins to find a way to open the bottle, to the point it was opened at another establishment hence the 4 stars for... read more

    Natasha B. 11/03/2019
    Osa H. Avatar

    positive review  Good food is honest, sincere and simple

    Osa H. 2/02/2020
    J B. Avatar

    3 star rating Food is still good but the wait on the weekends is very long. Hopefully will improve this so I can push this back to 5 stars. Update to update (Aug 2019): pizza is really not good. Stick to hummus, meats, etc. Sadly they lamb segar (which is delicious) is never available.

    J B. 8/18/2019
  • Taylor M. Avatar

    5 star rating Food is awesome. Loved the variety dip and the Shakshuka. So excited this is in the neighborhood.

    Taylor M. 6/03/2019
    Greg W. Avatar

    Awesome little gem of a café that serves really decent food. Seriously, if you're in Brooklyn, try it out for brunch. Great Yemeni tea and the food is delicious.

    Greg W. 6/01/2019
    Nancy m. Avatar

    5 star rating Went for the first time today and it was super yummy. Got the Yemeni ice tea which was expensive but delicious, the three spread sampler, and the chicken flatbread.

    Nancy m. 8/06/2019

  • Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.

    Everything here is so good it's amazing. The atmosphere is comfy and warm, although the door to enter is a bit hard to operate. I particularly liked the Bulgarian Waffle, it took the cake for the best waffle I've ever had. Their real maple syrup only added to the powdered... read more

  • Maria J. Avatar
    Maria J.
    5 star rating

    This place is great! Came here with hubby and the kids for dinner. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing. The food is amazing! And the service is superb. Will definitely come again!

  • N Z. Avatar
    N Z.
    4 star rating

    I liked this place a lot. Excellent value for money for a place to grab a quick bite to eat. Definitely will be going back sometime in the near future for lunch or brunch.

  • Lloyda F. Avatar
    Lloyda F.
    5 star rating

    This was a very happy discovery while visiting NY. Food was authentic and delicious. I ordered the shakshusa and it was spectacular. The pita was homemade & made the perfect vehicle for sopping up the juices. I will definitely return when visiting again

  • Sam S. Avatar
    Sam S.
    5 star rating

    Favorite spot in the neighborhood. Great coffee and homemade pastries. Great fresh and tasty middle eastern food. Good value. House baked pita. Hot stone bowls of shakshuka and other stuff like that. I eat here like 5 times a week.

  • Kraig D. Avatar
    Kraig D.

    Food is fresh to order so allow extra time. Yemeni Tea is a good comfort drink for any time of day. Small/shared tables and a counter space, casual.

  • Robert R. Avatar
    Robert R.
    positive review 

    We stopped by for lunch in this Saturday afternoon and it was amazing. We got the Shawarma sandwich and the appetizer sampler with hummus, the sweet chili sauce and tzatziki. Absolutely delish. Definitely recommend this place.


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