Zatar Café on 8th Ave Is Now Open

Fresh Has a New Meaning

Welcome To Zatar Café & Bistro

Taste the difference in Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern cuisine. Fresh ingredients you can taste in every bite; Food made to Order. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience and delicious food. Come in and give us a try.

Everything is made to order, fresh everyday.

We Deliver.

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Zatar Bushwick

1294 Myrtle Ave


Zatar Park Slope

1201 8th Ave


Our Reviews

  • Beth K. Avatar

    5 star rating I really am a big fan of the Zatar fries. I'm super happy they are in the area. It's a nice and clean establishment that's cozy. Delivery can be a bit slow, but it's totally worth it. Take out and eating in is great! Fresh tasty food. I even like... read more

    Beth K. 4/24/2019
    Jennifer Avatar

    cozy spot for yummy dish! friendly staff will answer questions, make suggestions, and want you to feel welcome. I go back when I am in the neighborhood!

    Jennifer 10/09/2019
    Antoine C. Avatar

    3 star rating Very cool spot; they have books and games on a communal table.As far as food, the babaghanoush was very good (for the price).Avoid the chicken here: you're clearly looking at the cheapest, unhealthiest version of chickens out there. While the salad was pretty good, I couldn't eat over two thirds... read more

    Antoine C. 6/16/2019
  • Richard C. Avatar

    Best falafel I've ever had, very moist, with delicious sauce. Even better if you go in person and stay there. Seriously, one of the best restaurants in NYC.

    Richard C. 3/03/2020
    Ronin R. Avatar

    The food here is as sweet as the music that's been played. Very smooth and lovely, sometimes the tempo is tempting on your feet.

    For the most part, I felt relaxed. Just know that there might be a little wait for the food (hence it's freshness), they have some amazing things...
    read more

    Ronin R. 1/07/2020
    JSC Avatar

    This place is absolutely amazing. Great tasting food, freshly made, and the workers are very nice. Try the shakshuka. You won’t be disappointed.

    JSC 11/04/2019
  • Ginny W. Avatar

    5 star rating Love this new neighborhood spot. Hope they stay around! Great food, nice chill vibe. Yay!

    Ginny W. 9/05/2019
    Ahmed M. Avatar

    5 star rating No complaints I love this spot. I go to the Bushwick location all the time but I'm glad there's a closer location now! This cafe has great Middle Eastern foods with a few Yemeni cuisine favorites. The foods are delicious and come in large portions. Coffee is delicious too. They... read more

    Ahmed M. 10/13/2019
    Rahti G. Avatar

    5 star rating This is my new home away from home. The food is amazing and inexpensive and the staff, kind friendly and responsive. It has a real family feel. Nice big central community table. Playing a Beatles mix right now. Awesome. I've been here several times already and have not once... read more

    Rahti G. 8/17/2019
  • Veronica C. Avatar

    It's a great chilled place. Food is delicious. Food feels fresh and my dish left me speechless. I will definitely recommended it and will for sure go back there with family and friends..

    Veronica C. 10/22/2017
    Sid A. Avatar

    5 star rating A self-confessed Zatarholic, I've ordered from here up to twice a day, and now that they've started serving brunch, could be all three meals. Vegans, you will find many good options.

    Sid A. 5/03/2019
    Brittany B. Avatar

    5 star rating The food here is so good and very reasonably priced. I got the shwarma and my friend got the halloumi sandwich from the brunch menu. The girl working was also really nice and helpful.

    Brittany B. 2/04/2019
  • Mike S. Avatar

    5 star rating This place is a true mediterenian gem! Had a crossaint and eggs with salmon on a pita both super tasty. If you are craving for mediterenian food Zatar is your place. Look out for their lunch and brunch options. Staff is friendly and welcoming. The chaulk drawings on the walls... read more

    Mike S. 5/10/2019
    Zain H. Avatar

    Stumbled upon this place on yelp delicious shawarma and zataar fries are served in a cute middle eastern themed setting also very well priced!

    Zain H. 2/10/2020
    Scott K. Avatar

    I really liked this. I heard that this was a new location of another favorite and now I see why. I had a cauliflower pita and it was really fresh and flavorful. It’s a few blocks away from my usual circle of places but I’ll go back.

    Scott K. 7/20/2019

  • Dana M. Avatar
    Dana M.
    5 star rating

    The chicken schwarma sandwich is quiet literally the best I've ever had. Warm, fresh na'an cuddles with this delicious combination of chicken, tomatoes, and tzatziki together. Delicious middle Eastern food on a quiet movie-set street, 8th Avenue in Park Slope. As a casual order-at-the-front restaurant, you'll be sure to have... read more

  • angie c. Avatar
    angie c.

    Food is great! This is not an in and out place. The orders take a little while and parking is bad but if you like middle eastern food I would reccomend. It is set up self service style, very casual. You order and grab a number for your table...they bring... read more

  • Charles A. Avatar
    Charles A.

    Very tasty food. The rice is from another world and the dips & peta simply unbelievable. The staff is welcoming and full of warmth. Good vibes.

  • Jerry V. Avatar
    Jerry V.
    3 star rating

    The falafal was goid, but the wait was 30 minutes for the sandwich... Wayyyyyyyyyy to long for the way it looked

  • Jonathon M. Avatar
    Jonathon M.
    5 star rating

    This place is amazing, I have ordered from them for delivery and it is always amazing. Today was my first time dining here, and the falafel was so, so, so freaking good. Perfect meal for $6, service was great and the vibes are cozy and chill.

  • Amanda D. Avatar
    Amanda D.
    4 star rating

    I can only speak on their iced chai.......It is amazing!!! I only ever come here after day babysitting to get a quick drink to go home but I am dying to come and eat here. It is so cute, and it always smells amazing. The interior is super open and... read more

  • Diana D. Avatar
    Diana D.
    5 star rating

    Perfect fries. Eclectic menu. Laid back atmosphere. No alcohol. Can get crowded during weekend brunch.


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