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Fresh Has a New Meaning

Welcome To Zatar Café & Bistro

Taste the difference in Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern cuisine. Fresh ingredients you can taste in every bite; Food made to Order. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience and delicious food. Come in and give us a try.

Everything is made to order, fresh everyday.

We Deliver.

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Zatar Bushwick

1294 Myrtle Ave


Zatar Park Slope

1201 8th Ave


Our Reviews

  • Samantha G. Avatar

    Food is amazing! Stopped for an impromptu brunch in the summer and had the most wonderful mini break from COVID life. We had our two pups outside in our little corner eating amazing food. Love this place.

    Samantha G. 1/15/2021
    Lucy M. Avatar

    4 star rating Came here for lunch with a friend and really enjoyed the food. My friend and I both had the chicken shwarma sandwich and shared the fries. The chicken shwarma was very flavorful and nice portion and the fries were so delicious with the zatar sprinkled on top. ... read more

    Lucy M. 10/01/2019
    C M. Avatar

    Quaint little restaurant with delicious food and friendly staff. I hear they also do an amazing brunch! Order anything for dinner and the soup of the day if you want a little extra warm up~

    C M. 2/23/2022
  • Beth K. Avatar

    5 star rating I really am a big fan of the Zatar fries. I'm super happy they are in the area. It's a nice and clean establishment that's cozy. Delivery can be a bit slow, but it's totally worth it. Take out and eating in is great! Fresh tasty food. I even like... read more

    Beth K. 4/24/2019
    Peter S. Avatar

    A nice middle eastern brunch spot to have your fill of appetizing Mediterranean inspired dishes. All the food was scrumptious, especially the herb dusted fries. The teas and lemonades where also really well prepared and amazing. The only downside was we had to wait a bit for our drinks, which... read more

    Peter S. 12/13/2021
    Aurélie J. Avatar

    GREAT FOOD! Love to order takeout from Zatar. if you are craving some Mediterranean food this the place! their flatbreads ( kind of like a pizza but with a different dough consistency) and their spread are really good. The only thing is they are not super fast and often delayed... read more

    Aurélie J. 7/09/2021
  • Priscilla D. Avatar

    5 star rating Food and service are great. The coffee is excellent and the brownies are delicious. The atmosphere is a bit rustic, but the food is tasty and priced very fairly. We've been back 3 times and it hasn't disappointed

    Priscilla D. 11/25/2019
    Garima G. Avatar

    5 star rating I ventured out in Bushwick, Brooklyn for the first time and I found this cozy cafe @zatarcafe. I ordered the zaatar fries which were yummy and just what I was craving. I also got their pita with falafel which had lettuce, hummus( best I've had in a while),... read more

    Garima G. 2/04/2020
    Artur P. Avatar

    Well picked menu, be careful some dishes could be spicy 🙂 Shakshuka is on this photo.

    Artur P. 6/02/2019
  • Monica S. Avatar

    The food here is exceptional! The chicken kebab platter is delicious, even the salad! Their carrot ginger soup is one of the best I’ve ever had and will definitely keep me coming back. The service is also great, there was a mixup with my delivery order and they remedied it... read more

    Monica S. 4/09/2020
    Brian M. Avatar

    3 star rating I was recommended to come here and let me start by saying the food is GREAT. What I was disappointed with is that this is more of a self serve place. Once you order they bring the food to the table. I was not expecting that. The food is a... read more

    Brian M. 10/19/2019
    Greg W. Avatar

    Awesome little gem of a café that serves really decent food. Seriously, if you're in Brooklyn, try it out for brunch. Great Yemeni tea and the food is delicious.

    Greg W. 6/01/2019
  • Adnan K. Avatar

    5 star rating This has become my go-to place for munchies, family meals, and middle-of-the-day-get away from Brooklyn noise on a usually quiet street-coffee breaks. The Kabizza flatbread, shawarma, dijaj, and crispy kebab sandwiches are all great. Don't forget the Harissa sauce on your sandwiches or on the side. Am looking forward to... read more

    Adnan K. 12/31/2019
    Vera Z. Avatar

    The food here is fresh and extremely delicious. The kebabs are tasty and the salads are really a nice assortment of greens along with a lovely dressing. I recommend the iced tea and baked goods as well. The staff are nice and it’s a pleasure to frequent this business.

    Vera Z. 8/02/2020
    Ada Y. Avatar

    5 star rating A Cold and rainy Monday has led me to Zatar. A lot of places are closed on Monday in this area. I tried Yemeni Soufflé and it's amazing! Flavorful with a lot of sautéed veggies and minced beef. Pita bread is soft, chewy, and perfect to scoop up the soufflé.... read more

    Ada Y. 9/02/2019

  • Negar B. Avatar
    Negar B.

    Highly recommend this place.🎯🎯🎯

  • Jonathan K. Avatar
    Jonathan K.

    The food here is excellent and priced well. In my opinion the best value in Bushwick. The rice is incredible.

  • Elizabeth B. Avatar
    Elizabeth B.
    5 star rating

    Do not let the Middle Eastern name fool you. This place has some of the best pizza I have ever had. You walk in, seat yourself and go up to the register to order your food. The cashier was very friendly and helpful, and when I completely spilled my tea... read more

  • Samia A. Avatar
    Samia A.
    5 star rating

    Love the experience I enjoy the environment, the service and most important the food .....When I go to Zatar I' usually bring my laptop and have my coffee ....if you feel like eating something not heavy on your stomach with bursting spices and sauces then this is your to go... read more

  • Brittany B. Avatar
    Brittany B.
    5 star rating

    The food here is so good and very reasonably priced. I got the shwarma and my friend got the halloumi sandwich from the brunch menu. The girl working was also really nice and helpful.

  • Shay H. Avatar
    Shay H.

    A must try, food was delicious, wonderful atmosphere, great service!!!!

  • A G. Avatar
    A G.

    The food here is fresh and extremely delicious. The kebabs are tasty and the salads are really a nice assortment of greens along with a lovely dressing. I recommend the iced tea and baked goods as well. The staff are nice and it’s a pleasure to frequent this business.


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