Zatar Café on 8th Ave Is Now Open

Fresh Has a New Meaning

Welcome To Zatar Café & Bistro

Taste the difference in Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern cuisine. Fresh ingredients you can taste in every bite; Food made to Order. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience and delicious food. Come in and give us a try.

Everything is made to order, fresh everyday.

We Deliver.

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Zatar Bushwick

1294 Myrtle Ave


Zatar Park Slope

1201 8th Ave


Our Reviews

  • Angela G. Avatar

    4 star rating Yummy double-fried fries for after you've (or during) had a drink next door at Bushwick Public House!

    Angela G. 5/01/2019
    JSC Avatar

    This place is absolutely amazing. Great tasting food, freshly made, and the workers are very nice. Try the shakshuka. You won’t be disappointed.

    JSC 11/04/2019
    Sammy S. Avatar

    5 star rating Incredible food. If restaurants were on Tinder this would definitely get a swipe right.

    Sammy S. 5/07/2019
  • Sid A. Avatar

    5 star rating A self-confessed Zatarholic, I've ordered from here up to twice a day, and now that they've started serving brunch, could be all three meals. Vegans, you will find many good options.

    Sid A. 5/03/2019
    Gee P. Avatar

    5 star rating So happy to have this restaurant in the neighborhood! I have gotten food from here several times. Every dish has been so delicious, perfectly seasoned, and hits the spot! The lamb is nice and juicy, but also a nice little char on the edges. The flatbreads are pretty solid. The... read more

    Gee P. 10/18/2019
    Antoine C. Avatar

    3 star rating Very cool spot; they have books and games on a communal table.As far as food, the babaghanoush was very good (for the price).Avoid the chicken here: you're clearly looking at the cheapest, unhealthiest version of chickens out there. While the salad was pretty good, I couldn't eat over two thirds... read more

    Antoine C. 6/16/2019
  • Montserrat L. Avatar

    5 star rating This is honestly the best brunch I've had in months. Every dish was outstanding! Perfectly seasoned, well sized portions, and very affordable compared to the usual overpriced bland brunches in the area!I'm hesitant to say more because I'd love for this to remain a hidden gem. The space is comfy... read more

    Montserrat L. 7/14/2019
    Viktoria L. Avatar

    5 star rating Get deserts, get djijaj sandwich. Get halloumi sandwich, work your way through the menu you won't be disappointed

    Viktoria L. 5/21/2019
    Monica S. Avatar

    The food here is exceptional! The chicken kebab platter is delicious, even the salad! Their carrot ginger soup is one of the best I’ve ever had and will definitely keep me coming back. The service is also great, there was a mixup with my delivery order and they remedied it... read more

    Monica S. 4/09/2020
  • Samra I. Avatar

    5 star rating I have to start off this review just saying that if you're a fry lover (heck, even if you just like fries) you HAVE to try the zatar fries. We ordered them as an afterthought with our chicken shawarma, but they were so crispy and flavorful and perfectly soft and... read more

    Samra I. 10/01/2019
    Richard C. Avatar

    Best falafel I've ever had, very moist, with delicious sauce. Even better if you go in person and stay there. Seriously, one of the best restaurants in NYC.

    Richard C. 3/03/2020
    Brian M. Avatar

    3 star rating I was recommended to come here and let me start by saying the food is GREAT. What I was disappointed with is that this is more of a self serve place. Once you order they bring the food to the table. I was not expecting that. The food is a... read more

    Brian M. 10/19/2019
  • Beth K. Avatar

    5 star rating I really am a big fan of the Zatar fries. I'm super happy they are in the area. It's a nice and clean establishment that's cozy. Delivery can be a bit slow, but it's totally worth it. Take out and eating in is great! Fresh tasty food. I even like... read more

    Beth K. 4/24/2019
    Motoki Y. Avatar

    Whoa! Just had their chicken kabob meal..
    Real tender chicken. Tasty rice and salad. This place won’t disappoint. Happy I work nearby.
    Can’t wait to order again!

    Motoki Y. 10/06/2019
    Gifty S. Avatar

    I got their chicken kabob on post mate which I forgot to take a picture of. The food came in a paper box that is safe for the environment and it was clipped. I was happy with the food but the sauce I chose I wasn't crazy about. Will definitely... read more

    Gifty S. 5/31/2020

  • J S. Avatar
    J S.
    5 star rating

    Food was great, came super quickly. I would recommend Zatar for sure. It was a pleasant surprise!

  • Ahmed M. Avatar
    Ahmed M.
    5 star rating

    No complaints I love this spot. I go to the Bushwick location all the time but I'm glad there's a closer location now! This cafe has great Middle Eastern foods with a few Yemeni cuisine favorites. The foods are delicious and come in large portions. Coffee is delicious too. They... read more

  • Antoine C. Avatar
    Antoine C.
    3 star rating

    Very cool spot; they have books and games on a communal table.As far as food, the babaghanoush was very good (for the price).Avoid the chicken here: you're clearly looking at the cheapest, unhealthiest version of chickens out there. While the salad was pretty good, I couldn't eat over two thirds... read more

  • bizdevIQ A. Avatar
    bizdevIQ A.

    Same as eating falafel and hummus in Beirut!!! Delicious delicious delicious food. Try the chicken shawarma... great late night option...

  • Maria J. Avatar
    Maria J.
    5 star rating

    This place is great! Came here with hubby and the kids for dinner. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing. The food is amazing! And the service is superb. Will definitely come again!

  • Brittany B. Avatar
    Brittany B.
    5 star rating

    The food here is so good and very reasonably priced. I got the shwarma and my friend got the halloumi sandwich from the brunch menu. The girl working was also really nice and helpful.

  • Joseph J. Avatar
    Joseph J.

    Friendly place and staff. Decent pricing and food is very good. For the religious, all food is Halal (all bacon and sausage are menu listings are actually beef)


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