Zatar Café on 8th Ave Is Now Open

Fresh Has a New Meaning

Welcome To Zatar Café & Bistro

Taste the difference in Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern cuisine. Fresh ingredients you can taste in every bite; Food made to Order. We pride ourselves on providing a great experience and delicious food. Come in and give us a try.

Everything is made to order, fresh everyday.

We Deliver.

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Zatar Bushwick

1294 Myrtle Ave


Zatar Park Slope

1201 8th Ave


Our Reviews

  • Sara D. Avatar

    4 star rating This new place near Prospect Park West has a huge, crowd-pleasing menu, including lots of drinks (recent favorites: iced espresso, green mint tea), homemade pastries, and very affordable mezze/sandwiches. It is self-service (you have to bus your own tables), but I suspect this is what keeps the prices low. It... read more

    Sara D. 8/25/2019
    A G. Avatar

    It became my favorite place near by my apartment! So delicious!!!

    A G. 9/11/2020
    Samia A. Avatar

    5 star rating Love the experience I enjoy the environment, the service and most important the food .....When I go to Zatar I' usually bring my laptop and have my coffee ....if you feel like eating something not heavy on your stomach with bursting spices and sauces then this is your to go... read more

    Samia A. 11/08/2019
  • Jerry V. Avatar

    3 star rating The falafal was goid, but the wait was 30 minutes for the sandwich... Wayyyyyyyyyy to long for the way it looked

    Jerry V. 3/15/2019
    Jessica L. Avatar

    4 star rating The falafal is really light and crisp - the highlight of the meal.I got the falafal sandwich, which was mildly spicy and had greens and onions. It was good but I wish it had more of the falafal. Next time I'd rather pay more and get the platter because I... read more

    Jessica L. 3/26/2019
    Sarah S. Avatar

    5 star rating the chicken kabobs is my favorite meal in Bushwick! always hits the spot. they also have incredible fries!!

    Sarah S. 5/09/2019
  • Tamy M. Avatar

    4 star rating My favorite spot for middle eastern food. It's a walking distance from my house. I tried a lot of the food they have in the menu. Very clean and good portion. Satff and chefs are very friendly. The only thing I extremely didn't like so far is the tea "... read more

    Tamy M. 1/13/2020
    Brian M. Avatar

    3 star rating I was recommended to come here and let me start by saying the food is GREAT. What I was disappointed with is that this is more of a self serve place. Once you order they bring the food to the table. I was not expecting that. The food is a... read more

    Brian M. 10/19/2019
    Tayvia D. Avatar

    3 star rating Did a falafel meal and delivery through grub hub and I received falafel and rice, no salad. Just falafel...and rice. Tf? Atleast the falafel is alright.

    Tayvia D. 1/09/2020
  • Joseph J. Avatar

    Friendly place and staff. Decent pricing and food is very good. For the religious, all food is Halal (all bacon and sausage are menu listings are actually beef)

    Joseph J. 1/05/2020
    angie c. Avatar

    Food is great! This is not an in and out place. The orders take a little while and parking is bad but if you like middle eastern food I would reccomend. It is set up self service style, very casual. You order and grab a number for your table...they bring... read more

    angie c. 2/19/2020
    Morgan M. Avatar

    This place literally pops off . I had the best falafel of my life here and the food was definitely made with love.

    Morgan M. 9/04/2020
  • Sid A. Avatar

    5 star rating A self-confessed Zatarholic, I've ordered from here up to twice a day, and now that they've started serving brunch, could be all three meals. Vegans, you will find many good options.

    Sid A. 5/03/2019
    Mary J. Avatar

    5 star rating I've been here over three times already and every time was as wonderful as the last. I have ordered the z burger, the meat lovers pizza and falafel sandwiches (notice the plural). The staff was very professional, and kind. Would recommend to anyone with an appetite for great food and... read more

    Mary J. 9/07/2019
    Shay H. Avatar

    A must try, food was delicious, wonderful atmosphere, great service!!!!

    Shay H. 7/30/2018

  • A G. Avatar
    A G.

    I got their chicken kabob on post mate which I forgot to take a picture of. The food came in a paper box that is safe for the environment and it was clipped. I was happy with the food but the sauce I chose I wasn't crazy about. Will definitely... read more

  • Nancy m. Avatar
    Nancy m.
    5 star rating

    Went for the first time today and it was super yummy. Got the Yemeni ice tea which was expensive but delicious, the three spread sampler, and the chicken flatbread.

  • Lauren B. Avatar
    Lauren B.

    Wonderful little much-needed Mediterranean spot in Bushwick! The hummus was some of the best I’ve had in BK and the employees were extremely pleasant. Looking forward to trying more items!

  • Andrea R. Avatar
    Andrea R.
    5 star rating

    I'm so happy Zatar just opened in Park Slope! I've already been there twice in two days. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with plenty of seating. The coffee is great, and the food I had this morning was absolutely delicious and included vegan and vegetarian choices. The prices are... read more

  • J S. Avatar
    J S.
    5 star rating

    Really great food and nice atmosphere. Came here for brunch and liked everything we all ordered. Their shakshuka is great! Dinner - had their shawarma and man'aeesh both delicious with lots of flavor.

  • Erin B. Avatar
    Erin B.
    5 star rating

    So I Ordered Zatar For The First Time Through Postmates , I Ordered The Chicken Shawarma With Fries, A Cheese Flatbread Pizza , A Chocolate Chip Cookie & A Salmon Kebab Meal For My Mom.1. My Fries Never Arrived2. There Was No Sauce On My Shawarma Wrap 3. The Bottom... read more

  • John V. Avatar
    John V.
    5 star rating

    I live in the neighborhood and every time I have friends visit, there is only one spot I can think of that everyone would enjoy. It's ZATAR. They're very welcoming, great staff, and AMAZING FOOD! The guy who took our order(Gabriel) was very sweet as well! I recommend this... read more


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